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What is difference between advanced java and core java

Different between Advanced Java & Core Java

Core Java

  1. Core Java is a fundamental form of the Java Programming Language itself. Also, we use Core Java in all Java platforms and technologies. If we want to learn Advanced Java Programming Language, then we have to learn Core Java first, only then we will be able to understand Advanced Java well.
  2. The way Java language is used in the construction of normal application, in the same way Core Java language can also be used.  Usage – In normal apps.
  3. Core Java uses Single Tier Architecture, in which data is stored in Local System or Shared Drive. It has all the layers like Data Access, Business and Presentation.
  4. All Core Java Packages have a Naming Conversation of Java.lang.somepackage.
  5. Java Standard Edition (Java SE) comes under Core Java.
  6. Core Java covers the Basic Concepts and Topics of Java Programming Language. Also covers Operators, Threading, Exception Handling and Data Types.

Advanced Java

  1. Talking about Advanced Java Programming Language, it has the characteristics of Core Java in some particular domains, unlike Core Java Programming Language. Such as – Database Handling, Web and Networking.
  2. Whereas Advanced Java covers the Advance topic of Java Programming Language. For example, Advance Java is used in the creation of Enterprise Level Applications. Use – In Web and Mobile Apps, Desktop Software Development.
  3. Whereas Advance Java uses Two-Tier Architecture. As they are Client Server Architecture – Presentation Layer and Interface Layer, runs on Client Server when Data Layer and Data.
  4. Whereas in Advanced Java follows javax.servlet.somepackage.
  5. While Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) comes under Advanced Java.
  6. Whereas Advanced Java covers Complex Topic and Concepts. For which Non Java Technologies are required. Such as – EJB, JSP, Database Connectivity, Servlets and Web Services.

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