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string in c.

 What is string in C :-

        In C programing a string is define as a sequence of character terminated by a null character written  as ‘ \0 ‘.


            “Sadab”  ,  “Rajnish1”  ,  “Piyush Tripathi”

In C language string are represented and store of character array where each element of the character array store a single character of the string (In sequence).

Thus a character array can be declare to store some string as follows : –


For example 
                     The declaration  of a character array ‘name‘ which can store the name of some person maximum up to fifteen(15) character long as follow –



Initilization of character array 
                                               The element of a character  array  can be initialized  in following two most common ways.
(i)  char name[ 6 ] = {‘R’ ,  ‘a’  ,  ‘h’ ,  ‘u’  ,  ‘l’   ‘\0’ }
(ii)  char name[  ]  =  “Rahul” ;
Note :-   In second here the string  “Rahul”  contains five character , so  the  compiler automatically allocated 6  memory location (one extra for storing null character).

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