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Hackwithinfy DSE Interview Experience

Hackwithinfy DSE Interview Experience:-

Infosys organizes a coding contest named Hackwithinfy. There are 3 coding questions in this round. I was able to solve the first one completely, and for the second one, I could only make it to 93%. Therefore, I got a Pre-Placement Interview opportunity from Infosys for the role of DSE(Digital Specialist Engineer).

I am sharing my interview experience below:-

First of all he asked me to introduce myself.

Next, he asked me to explain a recent project of mine.

Next, he asked me some questions of Java, that went like:-

  • What is new in Java 8?
  • What is Optional in Java?
  • What are exceptions?
  • What are its types?
  • Explain with an example
  • What is Linked List?
  • Difference between Hashmap and Sets
  • Inheritance code
  • The interviewer presented an inheritance code to me, and asked me if there was any error? If yes, then what is it?
  • These are all that  I remember.

Then he asked me my favorite subject, I said DBMS.

  • Then he started a sort of a rapid fire round with me on various basics of DBMS, like keys, primary key, candidate key, super key, safe points, aggregate functions, where, having, group by, some situation based questions on transactions.
  • Next, he gave me a table and asked me to write few SQL queries.

Then he asked me basic HR questions like

  • Why should we hire you?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

So these were most of the questions that were asked to me.

NOTE:- Sit with your ID Proof ready, as before beginning the interview, it will be checked.

Hackwithinfy DSE Interview Experience crackalgo
Hackwithinfy DSE Interview Experience

This article is contributed by Pragati Kesarwani

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